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NTT Sporting investigations is a new enterprise set up primarily to assist those who are being investigated by sports regulatory bodies.


CEO Nathan Taylor is acutely aware of how greatly the odds can be stacked against those facing disciplinary charges from the respective regulatory organisation.

NTT are changing the way those accused are defended. We investigate more concisely, more accurately and in a more timely fashion than those who have investigated these cases before them. In doing so, NTT can often cast significant doubt on the original evidence.

We can begin our investigations at the commencement of a regulatory inquiry or post charge. We can support you throughout the process from interview to hearing.


We can liaise with solicitors and your representative body to ensure that you are mounting the best possible defence. 


NTT are intensely aware of the pressures and strain that being under investigation can bring. There will be no unnecessary delays in our investigations, we conclude them expeditiously prioritising both your financial and mental well-being. We get things done in days, not months and years.


NTT will provide you with the perfect evidential package, enabling you to protect your reputation and defend your position to the maximum effect.


If you're involved in any sports regulatory investigation, in any capacity , then before you do anything else, contact Nathan and his team at NTT.

About our CEO


Nathan joined Sussex police in 2001 and after just eighteen months service attained the rank of detective. This swift promotion led him to gaining a wealth of experience in the Criminal Investigations Department where he investigated a multitude of offences such as murder, robbery, fraud and rape.  

Nathan was seconded to Operation Sirdar a nationwide operation to disrupt, arrest and convict a large paedophile network. The experience gained during this investigation has given Nathan invaluable knowledge and expertise in safeguarding and child protection.


In 2005, Nathan was selected to join New Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Command, an elite group of detectives dedicated solely to investigating matters which threaten national security.


In his 12 years with the command Nathan held prominent roles, in amongst others, the investigations concerning the 7/7 bombings, the murder of Alexander Litvinenko and the transatlantic airline bomb plot.


Nathan represented the command internationally and was highly decorated earning numerous commendations both internally by the Metropolitan Police and by trial judges at the conclusion of criminal proceedings.


Nathan has benefited from the highest quality of training and has successfully undertaken courses in Advanced interviewing, Achieving best evidence interviewing, Mobile and static surveillance, File preparation , Exhibit handling, CCTV retrieval and Intelligence development. These are merely examples and not an exhaustive list of the skills and qualifications that Nathan has attained.


During his tenure with the Counter Terrorism Command Nathan built a huge global network of contacts from multiple jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies and has delivered investigative training worldwide.


After achieving so much in his work at Scotland Yard, Nathan made the decision to leave the Met and seek further challenges.


Subsequently, Nathan joined the British Horseracing Authority's Integrity Unit. His experiences working for the BHA inspired him to start his own company and assist those who were facing disciplinary action.

Nathan Taylor CEO


Nathan with Marina and Anatoly Litvinenko at The Royal Courts of Justice (source - Mirror Group Newspapers) 


What we can do

  • Investigate on behalf of participants and members of the public who are subject to sports regulation proceedings.

  • Investigate alternative potential sources of human and equine positive urine and blood samples.

  • Safeguarding investigations.

  • Full mobile phone download capacity and evidencing capability.

  • CCTV retrieval and review.

  • Forensic analysis of betting data.

  • Representation at an official interview. 

  • Provide full evidential files suitable for disciplinary hearings.

Please call or email for a comprehensive list of services.  


Leading National Hunt trainer Harry Fry 

"Nathan is meticulous in his approach and the consummate professional" 

Classic winning training Jeremy Noseda 

"Nathan is brilliant at what he does, I'd recommend him without hesitation."



Nathan Taylor

Tel: 07462 530846


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